Where to Shop Zero Waste 

Here you will find a comprehensive list of places that will accommodate your Zero Waste shopping needs.


This list is proudly brought to you in collaboration with ZERO Waste Victoria and The Burlap Shoe. 

We will continue adding new places as we find them.


Have any suggestions? Email us your Zero Waste finds and we will share it with the world.

And as always, please make sure your containers are thoroughly clean before you bring them to the store!

Butchers, Grocers, & Cheesemongers

The following stores will put meat and deli products in your own containers.


Get delicious cheese in your own container or butcher paper.

These stores will use only butcher paper to package your meat if you ask them. We're working with them so one day they allow us to use our own containers instead!!


Coffee Roasters and Tea 

The life blood of our day!  If you're like us,  here is where you can go to get your zero waste coffee (&tea) fix.  These fine establishments encourage bulk purchases and welcome the idea of reusable containers or bags. Ask for a sample before you buy.




Bulk Food Stores 

We all know that bulk food stores are the best places to shop Zero Waste. Whether you are after some baking essentials or delicious treats before you go to the movies, these places will encourage to bring your own containers. Check out the Bulk Locator at the bottom of this page.



The following delicious restaurants will allow you to use your own clean containers for take-out or to doggy-bag it home.


                      And we hear they will discount 10 cents from your order if you bring your own container!


Craft Beer, Cider, and Kombucha

Victoria is well known for having an amazing variety of craft beers and ciders.  Get your growlers filled with some delicious liquid gold at the following places. And don't forget Kombucha!! 

Personal & Home Care 

We know you clean up real nice, but imagine how much better you will feel shopping Zero Waste at these locations.


  • The Copper Hat - Locally made, zero waste shaving supplies                           560 Johnson Street #100

  • Nezza Naturals - Hand-crafted health and beauty products                                             587 Johnson St 

  • Wychbury Ave. - Handmade soaps & beauty products. Vegan, fair trade, & palm oil-free   Esquimalt, BC  

  • The Soap Exchange - Biodegradeable and refillable cleaning products                        1393 Hillside Ave

  • West Coast Refill - Refillable cleaning and health products                                                  1319 Broad St

  • Bat-Fish Studios - Re-purposed and up-cycled clothing and accessories                     32667 Wicklow St

  • Miiko Skin Co. - Locally made. Amazing plant-based natural skincare. Refill bar available at Miiko Skin Care studio and Zero Waste Emporium                                                                203-734 Aldebury St

  • Elate Cosmetics - Vegan, toxin-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free cosmetics in sustainable packaging. Made in Victoria! - **Suggested by Amanda. Thanks!!

 Additional Resources available at www.zerowastehome.com.  It's just too good not to share on our site!                -  Thanks, Bea Johnson -